About Key Investment Team

Robert Venezia, Chairman and Founder of Key Investment Team, began his investment career in 1982, working with various firms in the finance industry. In 1987, he started managing private accounts for high-net-worth individuals and shortly thereafter as a sub-advisor for stockbroker clients.

Robert Venezia, an asset manager, has been dedicated to finding and exploiting inefficiencies in the market since 1987. During his career, Mr. Venezia has cultivated an investment strategy utilizing quantitative and fundamental analysis, searching for securities that would outperform the overall market in the long term. For most of our portfolios, we use a highly disciplined “top-down” investment process: 1) Review Global Economies, 2) Quantitative Analysis, 3) Fundamental Analysis, and 4) Portfolio Construction.

Mr. Venezia’s dynamic, disciplined, quantitative approach seeks to build portfolios that outperform the market over an investment horizon of at least five years within each asset allocation portfolio.

Because every investor has different needs, we offer five risk-based Asset Allocation Portfolios — each designed with specific goals and risk tolerances in mind:

  • Conservative – 20% equity/80% fixed income
  • Moderate – 40% equity/60% fixed income
  • Balance – 60% equity/40% fixed income
  • Growth – 80% equity/20% fixed income
  • Equity Growth – 100% equity

Key Asset Allocation Portfolios may combine exchange-traded funds and no-load mutual funds in a strategic asset allocation strategy designed to meet your need for tax-managed solutions* and asset class diversification. Within a single account, your investment is diversified across multiple market segments and investment managers.

“We tend to take a very global and a diversified approach to the strategic asset allocation process.”

Diversification does not protect an investor from market risk and does not ensure a profit. There is no guarantee that any of the portfolios will outperform their respective benchmarks.

Percentages represent the approximate allocation of equities and bond in the portfolio. The underlying investments and the portfolio allocation ranges are subject to change from time to time without approval.

*Key Investment Team does not provide tax advice. The structuring of a retirement plan can have significant tax consequences on you and your business. Investors should consult with their tax professionals to determine the tax implications of any retirement plan structure.