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Your Challenge: Where Should You Be?

Your portfolio should be structured in a way that meets your objectives and your need for stability. Finding the right portfolio for you—optimally diversified—provides a greater potential to help you build long-term wealth while managing risk. If you’re not sure exactly how much risk you want to accept, you can explore the portfolios at differing levels of risk.

Studies demonstrate that a significant determinant of a portfolio’s long-term performance is attributable to the decision of asset allocation, i.e., the weighting of stocks, bonds and cash within your portfolio. It is important to recognize that there are significant differences in these asset classes and how they behave with regards to risk and return.

Investors desiring less market volatility and prepared to risk greater inflation erosion should consider larger allocations to bonds. Growth-oriented portfolios, primarily made up of stocks, offer higher expected returns over the long-term and protection against inflation; however such portfolios have greater market fluctuation (i.e., portfolio price volatility). The trade-off between volatility and expected return is the one constant reality in the investment process.

When you invest in any Key Strategies, your investment is automatically diversified across a selection of asset classes, managers and investment styles. This careful blending seeks return potential while attempting to manage risk and may help provide more consistent returns. This diversification is a key component of Key Investment Team philosophy no matter what investment approach or style is in favor at any given time.

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