Answers to commonly asked question
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Determine Your Risk Tolerance Level

Key will use your responses to this questionnaire and contact you to help you identify an appropriate diversified investment strategy.
Where are my assets held?

To ensure the safekeeping of our client’s assets, we use custodial resources of the most respected institutions. We recommend Schwab Institutional, a division of Charles Schwab Inc.

Will I receive a quarterly performance report from Key Asset Advisors?
Yes, our portfolio reporting system is a powerful tool that provides user-friendly and quarterly performance reports to meet client needs.
Will I receive monthly statements from Key Asset Advisors?
Because your assets are held at a brokerage firm, that firm is responsible for sending you monthly statements and trade confirmations. Furthermore, most brokerage firms have online account access, so you may review your account any time you wish. Key Asset Advisors communicates with clients on a regular basis regarding matters of personal investment strategy and timely market news.
How quickly will my assets be invested upon opening an account?
We work quickly. We usually do not “time the market.” As such, we typically have clients fully invested within a week or two.
Do you work on margin?

No, Key Asset Advisors does not work on margin.

Does Key have the ability to withdraw assets from my account?
Key may only withdraw management fees from your account – with your permission. Key cannot withdraw assets from your account under any other circumstance. If you prefer to pay management fees with funds separate from your account, we can make those arrangements for you.
What is the core principle behind Key's investment philosophy?
Management at Key believes that the twin pillars of successful investing are a long-term strategy and a well-diversified portfolio.
What types of investments does Key use to build client portfolios?
Exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and stocks to represent a portfolio or asset allocation in a single account.
May I make automatic investment contributions through my Key account?
You may make contributions as frequently as you like, subject to any IRS annual limit. With a Schwab account, you may also enroll in an Automatic Investment Plan that lets you automatically contribute a fixed dollar amount at regular intervals to a mutual fund you already own.
How does Key manage a client account in an effort to protect it in the event of a sudden market downfall?
We create a strategic asset allocation for each client as a base, then adjust the mix of assets as the markets rise and fall, and the economy strengthens and weakens. Our active process may also engage in short-term trades in an effort to capitalize on unusual or exceptional investment opportunities.
Is Key Asset Advisors registered with FINRA?

Yes, Key is an independent, registered investment advisor with FINRA.